International Yoga Day 2022: Start Your Day With These 3 Yoga Poses!

Most of us have sedentary lifestyles, erratic eating habits, and an equally erratic diuretic cycle. We routinely watch web shows while cuddled up on the couch. Add to that our work environment, which consists of sitting in a chair all day and staring at a laptop or desktop screen. This not only causes you to gain weight quickly but also causes poor posture and a disrupted sleep pattern. However, practicing yoga in bed every morning can be the most convenient thing you can do for your beautiful body!

“Yoga can be regarded as a remedy for improving flexibility and promoting restful sleep.” Several postures may be done while lying down to help patients relax their muscles and relieve some ailments like back pain and muscular rigidity, bloating, digestive problems, menstrual pain, and much more.”

Here are three incredible yoga poses that are easy to execute and can be done in bed:

1. Badhakonasana:

Popularly known as the butterfly posture, this is one of the simplest and most calming yoga poses for relieving back and shoulder pain. It also improves flexibility in the inner thigh muscles, stimulates the heart, and stomach organs, and reduces weariness.

To achieve this stance, one must sit upright, bend their knees, and bring their feet as close to the genitals as feasible.” “Make sure the soles of your feet are touching, grip your feet tightly in your palm, and flap your knees.

2. Janu Sirsasna:

Also known as the head-to-knee stance. The forehead touches the knees in this pose. This pose relieves upper back pain. It is also effective in normalizing menstrual flow, relieving back pain, reducing tension, and making your mornings fresher than a mint.

Sit upright and spread one leg wide while folding the other for this stance. Bend forward and reach your hands towards your sole, grabbing it with both hands. Try to touch your forehead to your knee while doing this. Hold the position for 2 minutes before repeating with the second leg.

3. Parivratta Sukhasana:

Also known as the seated twist. This is another excellent position that relieves back pain, and anxiety, and stimulates abdominal muscles, as well as soothes anxiety, varicose veins, and relaxes the mind, promoting clarity.

“You must sit upright with your legs spread for this.” Then, lift one of your knees, rotate your upper body in the direction of the knee, and rest your opposing elbow on the knee to maintain your twist. “Relax and repeat.

Yoga is incredibly beneficial to both the body and the mind, but we must understand how to perform the poses before attempting them, as incorrect posture can cause pain at times. Also, avoid practicing yoga in a bed with a soft mattress that causes you to sink in. This may result in incorrect postures that do more harm than benefit.

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