Interview with Komal Hora, Founder of Hospilane

Bhopal based HospiLane was founded by Komal Hora in the year 2015. Komal who has a Master’s degree in International Business from Hult University, USA has worked as an intern with BMC Software, Pune and United Nations Foundations, New York. She has also worked as a marketing manager at Canvas Infotech, California. With such a diverse experience when Komal joined her father Balbir Hora’s Hotel Business, she came up with the vision of One-stop Solution for Hotel industry – HospiLane.

There were hurdles in every step, but having the working experience of Silicon-valley helped her solve some and being a software engineer helped her understand the technicalities for the implementation of the idea.
She believes in the saying of Mark Zuckerberg – “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

Her vision is to be the Google of the hotel industry.

Tell us about HospiLane?

HospiLane is India’s first marketplace for the Hospitality industry. It is a one-stop solution for the hotel industry, connecting the suppliers and dealers who cater to the hotel industry. Hotel Industry Buyers typically gain access to a wider marketplace, diverse portfolios of quality products. HospiBuz, another feature of HospiLane provides the latest trends and blogs, news updates, events and awards updates for the hospitality industry.

How it has been started and what was the idea behind it?

While observing the day to day business need at my dad’s hotel, I started discussing the issues with my mom, how I felt online solutions can be built for the same. She supported and started brainstorming with me at every step. Our first step was to interview and talk to as many hospitality professionals as possible and this was taken care of her. The idea behind is to simply the day to day needs as well as major needs of the Hospitality Industry.

What are the services you provide?

Anything and everything that a hotel needs, we solve it. From finding the right solutions, options in terms of products, technology, service, and suppliers. With this our supporting blogging website where we showcase latest updated and trends in the industry.

What sort of challenges had you faced or experienced?

Pitching and explaining the idea was not easy but my mom has been my support throughout. Being a housewife, she supported me with business as well as emotionally. There were tough times when getting clients and finding solutions looked next to impossible and felt like giving up but she has always been by my side.

What is the future or expansion scope of such online solution?

We have been working with hotels, restaurants, cafes both online as well as offline and the response has been amazing. Additionally, looking at the boom in online booking, opening new channels, I strongly belief hospitality procurement system, is totally the next big thing. As a part of future enhancements, HospiLane plans at introducing forum and digital magazine for hospitality industry along with conducting events for the hospitality industry. They even plan to introduce bidding and tender online for hotels for hospitality industry along with introducing online courses for the hospitality industry and well structured online recruitment system for the hospitality industry.

What you have to say about Hospitality Market?

An extremely diverse market from hotels to food to travel, it’s a very wide market. A market filled with opportunities, one needs to tap the untapped.

According to you, what are the three qualities an individual must have to achieve success?

– Passion,
– Hard work and Determination,
– Patience and Consistency

Few principles I have learned from my mom and our my core values today!

• One tip to success:
Make your faith larger than your fear and your dreams bigger than your doubts.
• One mistake you believe every individual must avoid:
Not believing in yourself.
• One most important lesson that you have learned till now:
Great achievements come with great efforts and sacrifices.


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