Ms. Anuja Mittal has been an active member of the wing for more than two decades. She has served as an executive committee member for many years and has been an active member of the IMC Ladies Wing. She has helmed various committees like the exhibition, business, events, cinema and travel committees in the past. Ms. Anuja Mittal is a jewellery designer by profession whilst holding a diploma in Gemmology and Diamond Sorting. She holds a diploma in Interior Designing as well. Her passion for flowers led her to obtain a teachers degree from The Bombay Sogetsu School of Ikebana. Apart from her other activities she presently devotes her time to a family run trust KG Mittal Ayurvedic Hospital. 

Here’s the excerpt from the interview with President of Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Anuja Mittal.

1. Can you elaborate on what is the Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry about?

The IMC Ladies’ Wing is one of the oldest and most successful ladies’ business organisations in India. What began in 1966 as a forum for creating socio-economic awareness and encouraging the spirit of enterprise is today, a dynamic organization for the empowerment of women. 

2. What is your plan for the IMC Ladies’ Wing over the next year? 

My plan and vision is to create several opportunities for women to come together and get inspired. My various subcommittees’ members have a plethora of events in pipeline such as talks, panel discussions, film discussions and art appreciation, virtual tours and much more calibrated to enlighten our members on varied subjects as diverse as health, entrepreneurship, law, current affairs, cinema, culture, art and much more. 

3. What are the different activities you are planning to do during the COVID – 19 in this current year? 

It’s time for all to adapt and get accustomed to the ‘new-normal’, we are in the process of planning many exciting events that would mostly be held as ‘E-events’ until the situation is better. 

While I don’t want to stray away from the traditional IMC activities that place during the year, this year we will have to be different and we have to think outside the box. We have planned exciting webinars and discussions with pioneers of various fields who can spread their knowledge and wisdom for the members of the IMC. Since travelling is not possible in the near future, the travel committee is organising some fabulous visits to monuments and countries virtually while the cinema committee is organising discussions and concerts. These are just a few of the examples.

4. What according to you are certain changes the organisation will have to adapt to as everyone is shifting their focus towards the new normal? 

While we understand that using the new technologies required to conduct events online is difficult for everyone to adapt to, it is a step in the right direction. Our committee members too have had to adapt to using video conferencing in order to plan the events rather than the daily meetings that used to take place.  They are devoting multiple hours every day on phone and Zoom meetings to help coordinate these events and make it enjoyable for everyone. 

5. What are the upcoming events of Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry? How are the events going to be organised?

In August, we have planned a talk by social entrepreneur and influencer – Mr. Ankit Agarwal, Founder of the venture Phool. Ms. Zia Nath will conduct a virtual session on Sufism; a panel discussion is being convened with doctors to guide members about the myths and facts about Covid-19 and how to lead a healthy life in times of a pandemic. A virtual tour of an exotic place showcasing the history and culture is also structured. 

Obviously due to current circumstances, all the events will be organised through videoconferencing and will be open to all members of the IMC Ladies’ Wing along with guests.

6. What is your advice to the entrepreneurs during this tough time that we are facing currently?

I would advise entrepreneurs to continue in their respective endeavours in these challenging times. The determination that I’ve seen in the various entrepreneurs that apply and participate in the annual IMC Ladies’ Wing WE Exhibition is inspiring and motivating to others, and many of the products displayed are amazing. It would be a tragic loss to lose such talent. I feel that India as a whole has come together in these difficult times to fight this pandemic and once we come out of it, we will see the economy thriving with an “Atmanirbhar” mindset, which will enable entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and creativity on a much larger scale.

7. How has your experience been in this organization? As the President of the year 2020-21 what are some of the key points you would like to focus on?

I myself have been a part of the IMC Ladies Wing for over 2 decades, and the journey has been inspiring and invigorating. Through the years IMC has been an organisation that I am proud to be a part of and today, lead. Over the many years of being part of various committees including the Executive Committee, I have learnt a lot and wish to incorporate those ideas and values in my term as well. My theme for the year is WE Elevate; We stand for Women, Environment and the literal meaning of being together. Apart from the general activities and events being planned for the year, I would like to focus on these aspects.