IPS Officer Manoj Kumar Sharma Reveals He Didn’t Take Money For ’12th Fail’

“12th Fail,” a film starring Vikrant Massey, took everyone by surprise and became a massive hit in 2023. Despite the lack of buzz before its release, the movie created a lot of hype and excitement once it hit the theatres, thanks to phenomenal word of mouth.

The movie resonated with the audience, thanks to Vikrant Massey’s honest portrayal of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma and the powerful storytelling that packed a punch. After the gigantic success of “12th Fail,” Manoj Kumar Sharma, the inspiration behind the movie, has become a sensation.

Sharma Prioritizes Helping Others Over Money

In an interview with ABP Ideas of India summit, Manoj Kumar Sharma revealed

“If you ask me, I have not received anything. It is because I do not accept money from anyone or demand monetary compensation from anyone. I am candid about these topics and remain as I was at the time of selection. My wife is likewise like this. I am pleased when kids write me emails expressing their desire to be honest like me. That’s my prize. People became aware of my experience through this film due to filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra; otherwise, there are several stories in which no one is interested.”

The Box Office Success

“On October 27, 2023, the film ’12th Fail’ released with a budget of only 20 crore.” The movie earned a lifetime collection of 69 ccrocroresing it a box office hit. Actor Vikrant Massey, who played the role of Manoj Kumar Sharma, achieved his first hit as a lead actor with this movie.

The Journey Of Vikrant Massey

Massey had a difficult journey as an actor in the entertainment industry, but he remained determined to succeed and continued working despite all challenges. Massey has received numerous accolades for his performance in “12th Fail,” and many people believe he deserves the prestigious national award for acting in the film.