Irrfan Khan’s Son Babil Expresses His Sorrow On His Father’s Death Anniversary

One of the most beloved actors in Indian cinema, Irrfan Khan, had a lasting impression on the entertainment business. Even now, after he departs from this world on April 29, 2020, following a long battle with cancer, a void continues to exist, unfillable. His son, Babil Khan, shared poignant reflections on their relationship on his fourth death anniversary.

Babil’s Heartfelt Notes

Babil’s notes are heartrending, expressing regret for not making his father proud and longing for their shared moments. Despite the pain, Babil treasures memories of Irrfan, underscoring the profound impact his father had on his life and career aspirations.

The Bond Beyond Life

In February, Babil remembered a moment with Irrfan on a boat trip in a snowy landscape. He shared a picture of them standing on a boat, with Irrfan gazing to the side while Babil looked into the distance. Expressing his feelings, Babil penned,

“Nobody knew him like I did, nobody has known me like he did.

It’s easy to say, to miss him, it’s easy. It’s easy to be cathartic and cry about losing him. It’s easy.
Do you know what is hard?

To remember the ecstasy in his voice when he would raise it in exaltation to scream “BABILUUUU!!!” every single time he’d see me. To remember then, how painful it would be to lose him for the stretches of barren time when he would be away shooting. It is impossible to bear the memory of how his beard felt on my fingers when I would scratch his cheek as he read his script or how my finger tips would rest gently on his eye lids when he took a nap. His voice, was brilliantly deep, yet it evoked nothing but a gentle prayer from me, a prayer that could only rise from one’s within when an external force has calmed your existential jitters to stillness.

I wish I could have one last dance with you.

“And to tell you, that without your lessons, I never would have survived.”

I will look for you. I will find you again. Somewhere. Beyond.”

The Pain Of Separation

Babil also shared some candid moments he spent with his father. As a child, he revealed that he would get separated from his father briefly when crowds gathered around Irrfan during a public outing. Babil remembered how, as a child, even a few minutes of his father holding his hand meant everything to him.

The Legacy Continues

Now, Irrfan Khan’s son, Babil Khan is stepping into the limelight, recognized for his acting skills showcased in movies such as ‘Qala’ and ‘The Railway Men.’ Babil Khan often speaks candidly about his love for his father, how his influence has shaped Babil Khan’s life, and what he has learned from the talented actor.

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