Is Bollywood Running Short Of Movie Scripts? Deets Inside!!!

Bollywood is well known for its famous songs and movies. What is Bollywood?? Movies that leave a remarkable impression on people is Bollywood. Bollywood is the collection of drama, suspense and entertainment.

But these days most of the Bollywood movies are remake of South Indian movies. Moreover, every other movie has songs which is remake of an old song. It has that become the latest trend of Bollywood. Some of the examples of such songs are gulabi 2.0 and Haseeno ka deewana of Kabil.

Examples of South remakes in Bollywood are Singham, Kabir Singh and Jersey.

It seems that South Indian movies will be the mere future of Bollywood. It was fine up to songs but even movies remake is something. People want to change this and see Bollywood movies to have its own unique plot and not a remake. Why is this happening? Why are all the south Indian movies becoming Bollywood movies?

It’s not like we don’t enjoy watching South Indian remake movies we do but not every other film should be a remake. Bollywood movies are watched by all Indians and South Indian movies are mostly watched by South Indians because of language. If people want to watch a South Indian movie or any other regional movie, then they can watch it with subtitles. The demand of audience is regarding the remakes of movies and songs. It seems that Bollywood is running short of scripts and therefore original movies are lacking behind.

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