Is It True That Women Need Twice As Much Sex As Men?

It’s true. Women look for sex twice as often as men. Sex is amazing, and there is no surprise that people crave for it so frequently. The quantity of oxytocin released in the body during sex is significant, which explains why you have a glowing physique, complexion, and a cheerful mood. As a result, the notion that women do not want sex and are only required to engage in sex in order to have children is absolutely untrue. Let’s look at why women may desire sex more than males.

  1. Attraction

Young Cute Couple Enjoying Time Together At Bed

Studies show that when women are attracted to a man, they start thinking about sex. If the man matches their personality, style, and taste, they are enticed and sexual ideas begin to whirl in their head. Women are much better at masking their emotions than males.

  1. High sexual desire

Women can have more sexual desire than males. They are most sexually active in their twenties, thirties, and forties, which are considered their golden years. They flourish sexually the greatest when they are with a man they love and care about.

  1. Orgasms

Women, unlike males, have many orgasms at the same time. Men find it difficult to climax several times, but women revel in pleasure and fulfilment to the fullest. If guys explore their delightful regions in the same manner that women do, then the men are in for a treat!

  1. Concerns about your age

Relationship Difficulties: Young couple having problems

When women reach the age of 50, they worry that menopause may interfere with their sexual satisfaction. As a result, they make every effort to fulfil all of their sexual ambitions and goals in their twenties and thirties so that they would have no regrets later in life. This is when they put a lot of emphasis on sex.

  1. Mental connection

Women frequently associate sex with emotional and psychological bonds with their spouses. They feel vulnerable with their relationships, and they believe that sex is an efficient means for them to communicate their wishes, wants, and needs to their partners.

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