‘Is She Breathing?’: Debina Bonnerjee’s Newborn Daughter Is Unwell; Actress Expresses Her Pain With Moist Eyes!

Actress Debina Bonnerjee had to go through very frightening experiences these days. Actually, Debina has two daughters. Recently, their second daughter was born. Debina is worried about her daughter’s health problems. It is generally believed that stars who always look happy on social media are always happy in real life too, but be it common or special, everyone’s life has its own struggles.

Debina Bonnerjee communicates with her fans through her blog. By looking at her blog, one can easily guess that the actress is very happy. She is living her life happily. But, recently, Debina took fans through her life’s difficulties in a new blog. The actress expressed her pain. She looked very worried about her daughter. She told that her younger daughter is unwell, due to which she and her entire family are worried.

She said that life is not as fun as the fun things she shows in her blog. We know that her little daughter Ninudi was born a little earlier. She is a little weak, due to which she has to face health-related problems on a daily basis.

On Sunday suddenly she had difficulty in breathing. When Debina checked, she was stunned to see that Ninudi was unable to breathe. After that, she and Gurmeet immediately rushed to the hospital with her. It was found that her nose was blocked due to a cold. She was unable to breathe. Debina further said that all this was nothing less than a shock for her. Her eyes got moist while sharing her pain.