Is The Well-Known Dukan Diet Recipe Right For You? Here’s All You Need To Know!

The specific French recipe seems to be a huge attraction among celebrities. But is the recipe right for you too? Check it out in the article! Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Jenkins, Carole Middleton, and Pippa all seem to be fans of the popular Dukan Diet, and the reason behind it might be the bestselling book of recipes in Great Britain when the first book was released in 2020.

Dr. Pierre Dukan’s breakthrough diet book included a plan with high-protein and low-fat crediting as being among certain diets, which seem to be working fast for people who might find the diet somehow tough. So, now you can lose weight while eating gourmet food.

The high protein diet of Dr. Pierre Dukan has been quite popular among the women of France for more than 10 years. According to some dieticians, to follow the recipe, people will need discipline. The rule here is no treats, no fruits, no carbs, and most importantly no alcohol as long as it takes losing weight that is excessive rewarding you with the roll off of those extra pounds.

Meal Plan for Dukan Diet

Phase 1: Attack

We will have to start 72 lean foods of protein that include veal, steak, liver, ham & bacon with reduced fat, slices of turkey, cooked chicken, seafood items, along with fat-free cottage cheese, etc. For the first 5 days, you will have to indulge yourself in only high-protein.

Phase 2: Cruise

After the first phase, consider adding 28 kinds of veggies, along with keeping eating the high-protein foods. The idea here is to alternate the days of consuming protein with the days of veggies like leek, broccoli, and French beans. Continue until you lose the weight you wanted to shed.

Phase 3: One evening off a week

After reaching your desired goal, the Dukan diet will take you forward to the 100 natural foods to fruits, pasta, and bread. This evening gives you the opportunity of eating whatever you feel like eating.

Phase 4: Being slim

Kudos to you! Just relax and return to your normal eating habits; however, make sure that you still keep a dIsay for your proteins keeping the weight off for good.

You can give a try to Dukan Diet at your Convenience and Enjoy it!

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