Is There A Little Moon On Your Fingernails? Read On To Know What It Means

Crescent white, also known as lunula or little moon, is found at the one-fifth position of the fingernail bottom and it looks like a curved white mark. The normal fingernails should be ruddy, restrained, tough, arc-shaped, smooth and glossy with clear lunula which tells whether the person is energetic and healthy.

Meaning of moons on the five finger:
● Thumb Lunula: it is related with lung and spleen. The pink color indicates the pancreatic dysfunction and it is easy to catch a cold and feel tired repeatedly, even have diabetes.
● Lunula on Index Finger: it is related with intestines and stomach. The pink color indicates the poor circulation of stomach and large intestine, so the appetite decreases naturally.
● Lunula on Middle Finger : it is related with pericardium channel and consciousness. The pink color indicates the psychentonia and it is easy to cause dizziness, headache, unbalanced consciousness, insomnia and dreaminess.
● Lunula on Ring Finger: it is related with internal secretion. The pink color indicates that the triple energizer meridian in the ring finger is abnormal and it is easy to cause the constitutional decline and yin-yang disharmony with an ineffable discomfort. Women of this kind always have the gynecological diseases like irregular menstruation.
● Lunula on Little Finger : it is related with heart and kidney. Generally, the lunula is unlikely to appear on this finger and when it appears, it implies the fever. The red color indicates the serious heart disease.

Colours of the Lunula
● Ivory: normal, this kind of people are energetic, strong and healthy;
● Grey: low energy, which affects the operation of the spleen, stomach, digestion and absorption and it is easy to cause anemia and feel tired;
● Pink: same color with the fingernail indicates the decline of viscera functions and the over consumption of physical strength, which is easy to cause diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases;
● Purple: it is easy to cause the poor blood circulation of heart and cerebral vessels, the insufficient blood and oxygen supply, dizziness, headache and cerebral arteriosclerosis;
● Black: usually indicates the severe heart disease, cancer or drug poisoning and heavy metal poisoning out of the long-term medication.

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