Is There A Rift Between Rupali Ganguly And Gaurav Khanna, Actress Revealed The Truth 

There have been discussions for quite some time that a cold war is ongoing between lead pair Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna of “Anupamaa.” Their off-screen bond was so lovely that it was heartwarming to witness. However, fans have noticed that they haven’t been sharing any #MaAn posts for a few months.

Is There A Rift Between Rupali Ganguly And Gaurav Khanna

The pairing of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav in the show has been well-received. Watching their mature yet endearing love story was a unique experience for everyone. They have become one of the favorite pairs on television.

People have been eagerly awaiting their photos, but no posts have come from Gaurav or Rupali’s side. Therefore, rumors of their Cold War started spreading.

Fans began talking about their friendship going through a rough patch. But now, answers to these questions have emerged.

The actress Jasweer Kaur has reacted to playing the role of Anupama’s friend in the show. They have no information about this kind of news. They haven’t read about it. They said they don’t watch the news, so they don’t know if there is any news like this.

Rupali Ganguly And Gaurav Khanna

Rupali Ganguly And Gaurav Khanna

Rumors are emerging that Rupali and Gaurav, who display fantastic chemistry on the show, are having differences on the set. Now, the show’s producer Rajan Shahi has broken his silence on the cold war between Gaurav and Rupali.

Speaking on a TV show, Rajan Shahi said that whether it’s a cold war, hot war, lukewarm war, or any other war, it doesn’t affect them until it impacts the shooting of their show.

He said that he doesn’t interfere in actors’ personal lives, but if issues between actors affect the show’s shooting, then they will react. Rajan Shahi said that actors are good to each other, and even if they fight one moment, they come back together the next. Therefore, as a producer, he shouldn’t get involved in that.

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