Is Travelling For You Safe? Here Is What Your Destiny Says About It

1. If the travel line ends with an island, it suggests you may have an unexpected disaster in travel and you should buy the insurance and be more careful. In addition, you may easily get involved in disputes and suffer from little troubles like losing something, getting lost, and feeling at a loss because of the language barrier.

2. If the travel line has a ”井” shape, it suggests you will head off danger in travel.

3. If the travel line has a star or fish shape, it suggests you may have good luck which can change your life in travel. For example, you may meet those who can help your career or the right one for getting married, leading to a bright future, thus a very good sign.

4. If the travel line breaks with a cross or triangle shape, it suggests you will be prone to unexpected disaster and disease in travel. If the head line also breaks or is unclear, you will be more likely to suffer disputes, even lawsuit, and you should speak and act cautiously.

5. Square on the travel line indicates protection in travels and if the line is ended in a square it means protection from danger during the journey