Is Your Fate Line Broken? Here Is What It Means?

Looking at our palm, we wonder what really every line means. We know that each one of us has different lines on our hands and each one has a meaning. Well, its time we figure out what is the real meaning of which line.

● If a break occurs in your fate line from the head line to the heart line, it means your fortune in career after 40 years old is usually not good. After 55, the fortune turns to be good. A female with such a line is usually a terrible housekeeper and easy to be tricked out of money.

● A break from the base of the palm indicates a rough childhood and academic disruption at a young age.

● A break on the fate line from the middle of the palm indicates setbacks in career and property loss after the prime of life.

● If your fate line has a break and resumes its course parallel to the break, it means you change your job and start a new career.

● Intermittent: An intermittent fate line indicates twists and turns in career. You are always half-hearted when doing work. So, you are easy to change a job during your life. The gap usually indicates the change of job.