Isha Ambani’s Beauty Secret Revealed By Her Make-Up Artist

Isha Ambani is not just the daughter the richest man in India, she has now made a name for herself in the world too. She is an Ivy League graduate from the prestigious Yale University and has carved her niche in the business. In 2008, she was ranked second on Forbes’ ‘Youngest Billionaire Heiresses’ list. Before pursuing her MBA from Stanford University, Isha had also worked as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company.

Not many know that Jio that is now a sim in almost every Indian’s phone was an idea of Isha Ambani. Her father, Mukesh Ambani had revealed the same to a group of audience in London in March 2018 after receiving the Financial Times-ArcelorMittal Award for “boldness in business”. He had said, “The idea of Jio was first seeded by my daughter, Isha, in 2011. She was a student at Yale (in the US) and was home for holidays. She wanted to submit some coursework, and she said, “Dad, the internet in our house sucks.” Also, the idea to have a different logo that would stand out from the rest of the businesses and identity of the “old Reliance” was Isha’s brainchild.

The girl married her lover Anamd Piramal in December last year and stunned everyone with her look. In March, she attended the next biggest family function of the Ambani’s as a Piramal bahu and looked ravishing then as well. Everyone was gaping at the gorgeousness of the heiress and now we have the secret behind her beauty.

Isha Ambani Piramal had wowed us with her lustrous tresses and flawless sheen. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, make-up artist, Vardan Nayak detailed on her looks from her brother, Akash’s engagement. Describing Isha’s three engagement make-up looks, Vardan termed it as ‘classic, timeless, and glowing’ with her skin ‘taking centre stage’. Revealing the secret behind her gorgeousness, Vardan said, “She’s very much about keeping her skin as real and natural as possible.”

Vardan Nayak spoke about the base and said, “Prep is so important for a look that is all about natural skin. Isha has incredible skin. I started by prepping her skin with a water-based moisturiser that also acts as a foundation gripper to lock down foundation.” Vardan had finished off her look with an ultra-airy, silky invisible make-up powder that blends seamlessly with skin for effective full-coverage, as well as golden highlighter, peach blusher, countouring powder to keep her skin looking luminous.

Speaking about Isha Ambani Piramal’s gorgeous eyes, Vardan Nayak had said, “Isha has gorgeous eyes, and went for a smouldering, sultry look: Subdued by day, and played up for evening.” Revealing that eyebrows and eyes were the main focus of her looks, Vardan had swept the same invisible powder and had added some beautiful blusher and eyeshadow across her eyes. He had then piled on the mascara and had filled-in her eyebrows with a warm brown pencil to define them. He had concluded, “We layered on the black mascara as it really helps to amplify the lashes and polish off the entire look.”

Vardan Nayak revealed that he had tapped on the lip colour with a finger to give a stain-like effect instead of a wash of opaque colour. It wasn’t glossy, but rather a satin pink shade. He elaborated, “I kept Isha’s lips more natural-looking to balance the look. We used nude/pink tones because of their simplicity.”


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