No one can deny the fact that the siblings share a very strong bond, no matter how much they fight with each other, how much they pull their leg but the care and affection they show for each other is very touching. Such bond is shared between celebrity half brothers Shahid Kapoor and Ishan Khattar.

During many interviews we have seen Shahid pulling Ishan’s legs and Ishan reverting it in a very healthy manner. During Kofee With Karan we saw Shahid getting offended by one of the statements of Arjun on Ishan’s continuous presence around Jhanvi Kapoor, Shahid said on Arjun statement,”I don’t know how often Arjun is around Janhvi to know how much Ishaan is buzzing around her. I wonder. Because, I mean, are they around each other a lot?”

On 26th June Shahid posted a video in a celebrate for his movie Kabir Singh, in which a one of the user commented “Sweet justification to misogyny, nice, very nice.” Ishan got offended with the statement. Instantly, just like any supportive brother, he lashed back at the troll and gave a strong reply by writing, “No, actually it’s quite the opposite. It’s an appreciation post for a gem of a human being and an actor par excellence. As for you, read about the film, it’s cinematic. Everybody should have an opinion. I don’t agree with yours. But that’s a conversation for another day enjoy your day!”

Shahid and Ishan share a very warm bond and they do have a huge respect for each other. once in an interview Ishan Khattar said,“I have no intention to make a name for myself and to separate my identity from my brother’s name. I am proud to be identified as Shahid’s brother, there is no shame in it. Creating a separate, identify for myself was never my driving force and will never be. I believe if you are sincere with your work and you are good at it, then your identity will be created by default. Though it feels good if I am getting acknowledged for my work.”