‘Islam Kabul Karwaya Maar Kar’: Rakhi Sawant Retorts To Ex-Husband Adil Durrani’s Claims!

Reality TV star Rakhi Sawant has been hitting the headlines for her ugly breakup with ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani for a long time now. The relationship which began on a sweet note soon turned sour and led to a chaos in the life of the actress. She alleged her former businessman hubby of domestic violence and made him live behind the bars for a few months. Recently, Adil came out of the police custody and shared his side of the story. He made several accusations on Rakhi. Now, in a latest press conference, Rakhi has responded to all his claims. She broke down into tears while speaking to media about her ordeal.

In his conversation with media, Adil revealed that Rakhi was fascinated by his religion. She wanted to be like Sana Khan and expressed her wish to wear abaya. Rakhi has refuted Adil’s statement. She has disclosed that Adil made her accept Islam forcefully. She also said that in the five months of marriage, Adil had physically assaulted her and hit her several times.

A paparazzo page shared a short clip of Rakhi’s press meet. It received a variety of opinions on it. However, what grabbed eyeballs was Adil’s comment on it. Below the video, Adil wrote, “Hy thak gayi”.

Let us tell you that Adil has made severe allegations on Rakhi. He claimed that Rakhi married him without divorcing her first husband, Ritesh. Adil also unveiled that Rakhi is still in touch with Ritesh and that they exchange mushy notes with each other. He clarified that Rakhi never got pregnant with his child as she cannot conceive a baby. Adil added that she had a uterus removal surgery.

Furthermore, Adil mentioned how Rakhi falsely framed him in a rape case by giving Rs. 3 lakhs to the Iranian girl, who was once his friend.

For the unversed, Rakhi Sawant had tied the knot with Adil Khan Durrani in July 2022. The duo announced separation in January, 2023. While parting ways, Rakhi had accused Adil of domestic violence, cheating, financial fraud, and hiding his sexuality.

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