‘It’s Painful And Unbearable’: Shamita Shetty Suffers From This Disease, Actress Shares Video

Shamita Shetty is quite active on social media and is often spotted by paparazzi. Mohabbaatein Actress Shamita Shetty appeared in the film ‘The Tenant in 2023. Before this, Shamita Shetty was also part of a web series titled ‘Black Widows’. She also showcased her charm in ‘Bigg Boss 15’ and ‘Bigg Boss OTT’.

Shamita Shetty shared a video along with a lengthy caption where she provided information about her illness. In the video that surfaced, Shamita Shetty can be seen talking to her sister Shilpa. Shilpa asks Shamita what happened to her.

In response, Shamita says that she came to meet Shilpa and had no idea what had happened to her. She urges all women to Google what endometriosis is, emphasizing how important it is to know about it.

Shamita Shetty shared A Video On Her Social Media Account Instagram 

The actress is struggling with a dangerous condition called endometriosis. Due to this, she had to be hospitalised and undergo surgery. In a video made from her hospital bed, Shamita has raised awareness about this illness and issued a warning to every woman.

Shamita Shetty shared a video along with a lengthy caption where she provided information about her illness. She mentioned, “Do you know that nearly 40% of women suffer from endometriosis and most of us are unaware of this disease,” she expressed, adding, “I want to thank both my doctors, my gynaecologist Dr Neeta Warty and my GP Dr Sunita Banerji, for not stopping until they understood the root cause of my pain! Now that my illness has been addressed through medical treatment and surgery, I am hoping for days of good health and freedom from physical pain!”

Shamita Shetty
Shamita Shetty

This caption underscores Shamita’s gratitude towards her doctors and her hope for improved health after dealing with endometriosis.

Shilpa questions why it’s necessary to do so, to which Shamita responds that you might have this disease without even realizing it, which can be very painful and distressing. This video was made just before the surgery.

Before these, Shamita had already been part of Bigg Boss. Despite being a contestant three times on the show, she could not win it even once.

She was recognised for the song ‘Sharara Sharara’ in the film ‘Mohabbatein’. After starring in several remarkable films, the actress distanced herself from movies. Afterwards, Shamita became part of several TV reality shows.