“I’ve Stopped Partying Completely, I Don’t Really Enjoy It Anymore,” Says Shefali Jariwala

Not a fan of big birthday parties says modest actor Shefali Jariwala and has a great way to celebrate today’s special day.

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“I’ve stopped partying completely. I don’t really enjoy anymore. Yes, it’s a night with friends and family. But the money spent and energy gone there is such a waste. We can do so much more,” tells us Shefali, who turns 39 on December 15.

Instead of having a party, the actress admits that the day is much more comfortable by having a charity and spending money wisely.

“I feel much more satisfied feeding the needy and donating blood. The reason I want to go out there is not to show people that I’m a charitable person, but I want people to get inspired to do the same,” she adds.

And in the last two years of the pandemic, it became clear to her that it was a great pleasure to help and help those in need.

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“We’re fortunate that we’re in a position to help. Just like I did on my birthday last year, this year too, I’ll be donating blood and we’ve ordered hundreds of blankets so we’ll be distributing them to the needy along with food packets. There are many community fridges in our area, so we’ll stock up those as well with food,” Jariwala shares.

What’s even more interesting this year is that not only her but her family will participate in this activity.

“All my cousins this year are coming over from different parts of the world. They’ve all agreed to contribute and help me celebrate my birthday this way. I’ve strictly told them that I don’t want any gifts and if they want to help me celebrate my birthday, they should contribute to this cause,” the actor concludes.

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