Janhvi Kapoor Breaks Netizens Into Peals Of Laughter With Her “What Is This Behaviour?” Viral Meme Rendition-See Here!

Adding a dramatic quotient to the weekend, Janhvi Kapoor, who often entertains her fans with hilarious reels on Instagram dropped another funny video. The actress shared a clip where she can be spotted following a trend.

Remember the “Pooja, what is this behavior” memes? Yes, Jahnvi has brought back the trend giving her twist of expressions to it. The lines, originally spoken by Pooja Missra on Bigg Boss 5, became fodder to memes in the last few years. Janhvi along with a friend re-enacted the entire scene with an ace. Her role-play of an angry young woman is taking the internet by storm.

The video begins with Janhvi’s friend asking her, “Pooja, what is this behaviour?” while pointing at a dustbin. To this Janhvi flares up and continues to rant the words of Pooja. In the caption, Kapoor girl wrote, “Do you guys think I need help?”