Janhvi Kapoor On Trolls And Criticism: ‘I Gave It A Lot Of Value At One Point’- Read On!

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor often comes under the radar of trollers for her bold gym outfits, nepotism, etc. The actress has recently opened up about the same at length.

While speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2021, Janhvi revealed that she has been subjected to criticism for her whole life. She also said that her family has now become habitual to trolls and criticism.

Janhvi Kapoor while talking about the impact of social media criticism in her life, said, “I gave it a lot of value at one point because I told myself it was important to understand the pulse of what the audience wants, what they’re saying, where I’m lacking, what I need to work on. I thought social media was a great platform to try and gauge that. But it has its positives and negatives. One also needs to identify that although many people are on social media, that still isn’t the majority of people’s voice. It’s a huge part of what they’re thinking but they are many things to take into account, there are many variables. I’m used to critiquing. I think I’ve been used to it my whole life. We as a family have been used to it for a long time but you try to take from it what you can.”

Her uncle, actor Anil Kapoor who was also present at the same event added that while he and his family have also become victims of criticism, he isn’t affected by it as much as Janhvi and his daughter Sonam Kapoor are.

He said, “When I feel certain kind of trolling is happening to any member of my family, not only me because obviously I being in films for so many years I am completely thick skin, (trolling) affects me but not as much as it would affect Janhvi or Sonam or Rhea Kapoor or Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor or Arjun Kapoor. I am sure they get much more affected by it. But the younger generation is learning much faster on how to tackle this social media.”

The daughter of the late actress, Sridevi, and producer Boney Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor has a filmy background. Her mother, Sridevi was a top-class actress in the industry, and her father Boney Kapoor has produced a number of films in different languages. Her uncles, Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor are also actors. Janhvi Kapoor’s sister Khushi Kapoor will soon pursue her career in the entertainment world.