Janhvi Kapoor Shares Mother Sridevi’s Skincare Routine: ‘She Used To Apply…’

Janhvi Kapoor, who is known for her glowing skin and gorgeous hair, is excited to share the secrets that were passed down to her by her dear mother. This experience is unique because it offers the chance to indulge in the beauty rituals of the Kapoor family.

In an exclusive interview with Brides Today, Janhvi revealed some of Sridevi’s skincare rituals. She said, “Mom would take whatever was leftover from breakfast and apply it on herself,” Janhvi shared. “Just keep putting food on your face, fruit particularly. Right now, I’ve been using a lot of papaya.”

Haircare Secrets by Jhanvi

The Kapoor matriarch was also a proponent of natural haircare, crafting homemade oils with dried flowers and amla. Janhvi reminisced about the regular oil massages they received from their mother, a practice she continues to uphold with reverence.

Contemporary style home designed by Sri Devi

Sridevi, Janhvi’s mother, bought this property and it holds a special significance as it was her first home ever owned. The house is a living legacy of the Kapoor family. Sridevi carefully curated every aspect of the house, infusing it with her unique taste and charm. Every element in the house, from the paintings adorning the walls to the cherished artefacts collected from around the world, tells a story of love and legacy.

The Kapoor home blends traditional and contemporary styles enchantingly. The exquisite sculptures, secret room, and Greek-themed bathroom add to the allure, giving guests a glimpse into the family’s eclectic tastes and rich cultural heritage.

Janhvi personally guides guests staying at the Kapoor home to indulge in time-honoured beauty traditions, including skincare workshops and haircare rituals. Every moment promises to be a pampering retreat steeped in the essence of Bollywood royalty.

 A beachfront home in Chennai

The private pool invites guests to unwind as they savour Janhvi’s favourite South Indian dishes and explore the intricacies of the family’s cherished home. This intimate journey takes guests into the heart of one of Bollywood’s most illustrious families, where the fabric of their home weaves every memory. Beyond the beauty rituals, guests can indulge in a luxurious retreat that offers an unforgettable experience.

Janhvi Kapoor’s Chennai retreat infuses every moment with the essence of Sridevi’s enduring legacy while combining luxury with tradition, to let you experience the charm of Bollywood glamour and timeless beauty.