Janhvi Told The Reason For Not Doing Mother’s Biopic, Narrated Story Of Misconduct With Sridevi!!

In Netflix’s Madhuri Dixit starrer web series ‘The Fame Game’, the story of the struggle in Hindi cinema between an actress’s deteriorating relationship with her children and husband has come to the fore ever since, people have been trying to connect it with actress Sridevi’s personal life. Many filmmakers have been engaged in efforts to put Sridevi’s story on the big screen since her sudden demise and her daughter Janhvi is often questioned by people on her mother’s biopic. Now Janhvi has responded to them for the first time. She says, ‘I cry as soon as I remember my mother and I will not be able to do her biopic.’

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor, besides referring to an incident of her mother Sridevi, said that her father Boney Kapoor has always been very vigilant about her family and once he moved from Mumbai to Italy to help her mother. It happened that Sridevi was in Italy to buy furniture for her Chennai house. There a local youth attacked Sridevi for some reason. Sridevi went there with a friend and after the incident she became so upset that she called Boney Kapoor directly. Boney Kapoor got very angry after hearing this whole matter and he immediately moved to Italy to understand the whole matter and help Sridevi.

Boney Kapoor And Sridevi

Janhvi Kapoor often shares memories related to her mother. Recently, when she was asked that she would like to work in her mother’s biopic, the actress said that she could not work in her mother’s biopic because she cries as soon as she remembers the mother. Jahnavi Kapoor is currently working with actor Rajkumar Rao in the film ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’. Apart from this, one of her films ‘Bawal’ with actor Varun Dhawan is also being made.