Jasmin Bhasin Opens Up: Battling Loneliness, Revealing Struggles With Depression

A prominent figure in the television industry, Jasmin Bhasin has captivated audiences with her acting skills and lively and frank demeanour. Despite her achievements, Jasmin recently spoke out about a difficult period in her life, sharing details of her struggle with depression in her early days in Mumbai.

The Road To Fame

Due to her vivacious and endearing personality, which connected with millions of people, Jasmin’s fame skyrocketed, and she rose to prominence as one of the most prominent television actresses. In addition to receiving much affection from the viewers during her stint on Bigg Boss, she met Aly Goni, her partner.

The Disclosure

In an interview presented by her close friends Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiya on Bharti TV, Jasmin candidly discussed a difficult time in her life when she struggled with depression soon after moving to Mumbai. Beyond the flash and glamour, the disclosure offered insight into the difficulties encountered by people in the entertainment business.

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Feeling Alone In The City

Throughout the conversation, Jasmin reflected on her loneliness in the busy metropolis of Mumbai. Her mental health suffered as a result of feeling more alone while living alone in her apartment. She said

“Depression is an ajeeb state of mind. Mujh mein kami hai mujhe aisa lagta. Darwaje se nikalti thi mai ready hoti thi, 2 kadam chalti thi, mujhe lagta tha mai acchi toh dikhti nahi, mai refuse ho jaungi. Mai ghar ke ander chali jaati thi.”

Jasmin talked about her issues with self-doubt and described depression as a strange mental health condition. Because she was afraid of being judged and rejected, even small things like leaving her apartment were difficult.

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A Pivotal Moment

Jasmin revealed that choosing to surround oneself with friends was the pivotal moment in her fight against depression. Her path to rehabilitation began when she moved in with them. Jasmin felt comfort, and her mood improved gradually but steadily.

The Path Back To Regularity

Jasmin found the necessary emotional support from her friends while living with them, which enabled her to overcome the obstacles faced by the entertainment industry. After regaining her composure, Jasmin realized how vital these periods of hardship had been to her personal and professional development.

The brave admission by Jasmin Bhasin about her battle with depression serves as a reminder that people deal with severe and genuine difficulties outside of the entertainment industry’s glitter. Her candour helps de-stigmatize conversations about mental health and inspires others to get support when they’re struggling. Jasmin’s recovery from sadness to finding happiness is an example of resilience and the value of having a solid support network while facing obstacles in life.