Javed Sheikh Asked For Only 1 Rupee For SRK’s Om Shanti Om; Netizen Says ‘What A Shame’

Javed Sheikh, a well-known Bollywood performer, is a native of Pakistan. The actor’s name was removed after a ban on Pakistani artists was executed in Hindi. The actor has starred in a number of Hindi films and has received praise from critics for his work. Javed recently related a story about his experience working on Shah Rukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om. In the 2007 film directed by Farah Khan, he portrayed the actor’s father. Pakistani actor, Javed Sheikh opened up about charging one rupee for acting in Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster film, Om Shanti Om. The actor revealed it was an honor for him to act in the super hit film. As a result, netizens brutally trolled, Javed Sheikh for charging almost no money.

Javed Sheikh Asked For Only 1 Rupee For SRK's Om Shanti Om; Netizen Says 'What A Shame'

Javed’s Experience In Bollywood Films

Javed Sheikh recently spoke with Maliha Rehman for a Gloss Etc interview in which he opened up about his experience working on Bollywood films. He was asked to discuss the Farah Khan hit movie Om Shanti Om. Voicing it out, he explained how he was approached and the reason he declined to be paid for his role as Shah Rukh Khan’s father in the movie.

He said that playing SRK’s father in his biggest film to date was an honour for him. He thought there were plenty of actors in India who would have been eager to play the role, but the team ended up choosing him. Thus he did not charged any amount for the role he played in Om Shanti Om.

Javed Sheikh Asked For Only 1 Rupee For SRK's Om Shanti Om; Netizen Says 'What A Shame'

He shared an anecdote, “Their manager came to me, said they needed to sign the contract. I said, ‘yes’. ‘What will be your fee?’ I said I won’t take any money.” The team was surprised and after a long conversation, he suggested, “You go and tell Shah Rukh I will take just one rupee. I’m not joking.” Film team decided about the actor’s remuneration and sent him a paycheque. Seeing the first cheque Javed was himself surprised and shocked to see it.

Fans React To Javed Sheikh’s Decision

Javed Sheikh Asked For Only 1 Rupee For SRK's Om Shanti Om; Netizen Says 'What A Shame'

This didn’t go well with Pakistani internet users, and Javed Sheikh faced backlash. He received criticism for having no respect to demand payment for his laborious efforts. “This is what you call not having any self respect,” a person said. The man did not even demand payment for his services. Somebody else said, “Dunno why they put Indian actors on such a pedestal.” “Omg that’s again showing them how little we are and you are our superior,” one person remarked. For your efforts, you ought to be paid. Nobody works for nothing, another user wrote.

“How awfully disgusting. The fact that he is saying it so proudly, what a shame”, mentioned a user.