Jaya Bachchan Vs Shweta Bachchan: Unpacking A Viral Slapgate And Finding Empathy!

The legendary Jaya Bachchan, known for her grace and fiery spirit, has long been an enigmatic figure in Bollywood. While her acting prowess is undeniable, glimpses into her life off-screen often paint a picture of a strict and disciplinarian matriarch. One such intriguing anecdote, narrated by filmmaker Karan Johar, sheds light on Jaya’s parenting style and unwavering commitment to specific values.

A Childhood Rule Broken

Karan, Shweta Bachchan (Jaya’s daughter), and other star kids weren’t allowed to read film magazines during childhood. The allure of the glossy pages, brimming with gossip and glamorous photos, was undeniable, but in their mother’s eyes, these publications could distract and distort young minds. This rule held firm, creating a childhood where focus on education and values took precedence over the glitz and glamour of the industry they were born into.

Caught in the Act

Renowned director Karan Johar talked about his strong bond with Abhishek and Shweta Bachchan in a recent podcast interview with Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra. He also shared an unusual story about Jaya Bachchan. Johar revealed that all of their mothers — Jaya included — had strictly forbidden them from reading movie magazines when they were growing up.

He recounted a hilarious incident:

“Our mothers were regular people, and they made sure that none of us could read movie publications. Thus, I was the only one who would attempt to smuggle in Star Dust and CineBlitz until one day when Jaya Aunty physically struck Shweta for reading Star Dust with me.”

Johar explained the incident, stating that he was teaching Shweta about the gossip column in Stardust magazine known as ‘Nita’s Natter.’ At that time, they referred to blind products as ‘Blind Cats’ and included them in the ‘Cat’s Crown’ category.

He reflected,

“It was the Cat’s Crown, or what we would now refer to as blind items. Yes, it was known as the Blind Cat.”

This discovery offers a comical look into the nature of their tight relationship and the carefree times they spent together growing up.

More Than Just a Magazine

While the incident might seem harsh, it wasn’t merely about reading a magazine. For Jaya, it symbolized a commitment to shielding her children from the superficial world of showbiz. She wanted them to develop their talents and identities outside these publications’ constant public scrutiny and gossip-driven narratives.

Legacy of a Strict Mother

Today, Shweta Bachchan is a successful Indian columnist and author known for her style and strong work ethic. Whether the magazine incident directly contributed to her path or not, it’s evident that Jaya’s values and strict upbringing have played a significant role in shaping her into the independent and accomplished woman she is now.

The story of Jaya’s “slap” serves as a reminder that parenting styles, particularly in families surrounded by fame, can often appear unorthodox. However, beneath the surface lies a mother’s unwavering love and dedication to raising strong, grounded individuals who can navigate the complexities of their destined world.

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