How Jealousy Can Lead To A Toxic Relationship

Enviousness can actually lead to obstruction of a well built relationship. But feeling jealous is natural, then how can we find an answer to it? Jealousy can lead to aggression and even relationship issues followed by misinterpretations. It can influence you as well as the people around you. It doesn’t just have to be your partner sneaking into your phone or keeping an eye when you go outdoors, there is much more to jealousy. It is very consequential to be aware of the negative touch that it can have and how can we possibly find the right solution. Here is how.

Some people find jealousy as a romantic trait of a relationship because it denotes that a person feeling jealous actually care deep inside his or her heart. But such beliefs can lead to a verbal or even, a physical abusive relationship.

Our culture has constructed a wall of muddle by accepting the presence of toxicity in our life.

Let us revalue the love and romance that a relationship should hold. When you are with someone, you give your everything to him or her. Well, this is just a beginning. You start to trust a lot and put your faith in the hands of other. That is beautiful. When a distraction steps in your life, things start to shiver in its place. Here, the problem arises.

If you fail to reply to your boyfriend and if he sinks in doubt, you will notice an unusual behavior. This is not acceptable and you should be smart enough to handle it wisely. Nobody has a right to let others down just to make themselves feel better.
Relationship is all about reciprocal trust and esteem. It should never let the fears and doubts surround it.

When does jealousy become extremely toxic?
Minor jealousy is very common and natural in a relationship. Everything should be in moderation and having a positive view on jealousy straight-forwardly means ignorance. It is riskier, not healthier for a relationship.
Jealousy can lead to uncontrollable anger, threat or even violence. It is a cause of concern. Let us keep the distorted idea of being loved aside. Dominating and controlling nature should be payed attention to and this defines a person.


How to control it?
When your other half is exploding in vexation and letting you down, make sure to give him space and do not fight back. Let them realize that a part of this entire situation has gone wrong and it is because of them. It is very important to settle things before it is too late. So, have some patience and see the results!

What if jealousy repeats itself?
If your partner is being jealous, it is okay but situation can be controlled by giving him warning to some certain extent. If the anger comes out in a violent way, make you fight for your self-respect. Woman can feel vulnerable but this is the time when you should actually stand up and speak for yourself.

Ask yourself, do you really want to go through this every single time?


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