Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Fighting Nonstop, Newlywed Bliss Has Worn Off!

Their love story could have been a fairy tale. But the star couple is not walking in that direction. After 17 years together, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started fighting again. They have just returned home to Los Angeles after their honeymoon. Both have 6 children together. In addition to giving them time, they are unable to find time for an intimate honeymoon due to their busy work life. Will this much-discussed relationship be broken again? The rumour can be heard in Hollywood.

According to sources, their marital discord has reached an extreme. Jennifer was a ‘good girl’ before marriage like the perfect character in an Oscar-winning film. Was it all acting? The question arises now. ‘The Boy Next Door’ heroine did not understand anything except a career!

The bitterness increased after the honeymoon. Ben is usually comfortable in a jeans t-shirt. It is heard that Jennifer is advising him on what to wear and what not to wear. According to sources, the actress does not like Ben’s smoking habit at all. Director and actor Ben also promised his wife to quit smoking. But the hero of ‘Gone Girl’ has increased his smoking as Jennifer continues to lecture him. Not only that, but Jennifer also has a problem with Ben being messy. She claims that Ben is not clean enough.

The star couple Jennifer-Ben fell in love for the first time on the set of the movie in 2000. In 2002, they got engaged. But in the end, the marriage did not happen. After the separation in 2004, they lived separately. 17 years have passed since that. They finally came under one roof with their children. They got married in April 2021. But there are doubts about how many days they can stay together.