Jitendra Gogi, A Gangster, Was Assassinated In A Delhi Courtroom By Assailants Acting As Attorneys.

A firing incident was reported in Rohini court in Delhi on Friday in which gangster Jitendra alias Gogi, who was Delhi’s most wanted was shot.

Two gunmen dressed as lawyers entered Delhi’s Rohini court and opened fire killing the Capital’s most wanted gangster Jitender Gogi. The police counter-fired in which the two gunmen died inside the court. The incident took place in Rohini court number 207 when Jitendra was presented before the judge.

The sudden exchange of fire led to chaos and panic inside the court as it took place at a time when several sessions were going on and many people were present in the court. Gogi, the most wanted gangster in Delhi before Sandeep Kala, was arrested in March 2020. The incident reveals the security lapse in the court premises as the two attackers who entered the courtroom dressed as lawyers reportedly belong to Jitender Gogi’s rival Tillu gang.

Jitender Gogi is a history-sheeter who was arrested in 2016 but managed to flee police custody within three months. He was implicated in several criminal cases in Delhi including murders, attempts to murder, extortion, possession of illegal arms, carjacking, land grabbing, etc. 

Reports said that the two gangs had been at a territory war for years and the clashes have been going on even though Jitender Gogi was behind the bars these months. Both the gangs have been running extortion rackets for years in Alipur and Sonipat and a gang war ending in such bloodshed is not the first for them. In the last six years, over 10 members of the two gangs have been killed, reports said.

Jitendra Gogi was supported by the members of the counterintelligence team on Friday as a few months ago, Gogi’s associate Kuldeep escaped police custody when he was being produced in Karkardooma court. The officials of the counterintelligence team fired and gunned down the attackers.

Jitender Gogi, or Jitender Mann, took to crime after his father’s death in 2010. Before that, he had dropped out of school and started property dealing. A 2018 FIR against Jitender Gogi says he was arrested the first time in 2011 after shooting at two men during the elections at a Delhi University college.