JLO Shares Adorable Picture Of Son Max Lying On Hubby Ben Affleck’s Shoulders: Photos Inside!

American singer Jennifer Lopez recently posted an earnest Thanksgiving week slideshow on her Instagram on Sunday, comprising a heartwarming picture of her son Max, who was caught lying on her husband Affleck’s shoulders during a car ride. “This Is … Thanksgiving Holiday 🤍🍁,” Lopez penned with some hashtags, like  “#Family.” and “#ThisIsMeNow.”

In the photo, Ben was smiling as their son was lying on his shoulder. Further pictures in the slideshow contain snapshots of Jennifer preparing seasonal cookies and flaunting her winter clothes: oversized coats, knit beanies, and a few turtleneck actions.

The video is soundtracked by her song “The One,” from her 2002 album. This Is Me… Then. The lyrics, testing The Stylistics’s “You Are Everything,” fit in the post’s context: “You are everything, and everything is you.” JLO announced herself on Friday in a brief clip showing the singer re-enacting the cover of her 2002 album and recasting into 2022 J.Lo.

Jennifer even re-made the original album cover for 2022. According to a press release, The new LP “chronicles the emotional, spiritual and psychological journey that she has taken over the past two decades,”

On the album, JLO will be sharing 13 new songs, comprising songs that convey the impression of her relationship with Ben, for example, “Midnight Trip to Vegas,” and “Dear Ben pt. II,” which remark about the duo’s first marriage ceremony in July. The original LP was devoted to Ben, who she initially dated in the 2000s. JLO formerly named 2002 her “favorite album.”

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