Juhi Parman has been in the limelight as soon as she came in a teleshow ‘Kumkum’. She became everyone’s favourite and the gained place in the category of ‘best bahu’. Soon after, she even won in the reality show called as ‘Big Boss’ and after that she started with her family along with Sachin Shroff. The daily soap actress is a single parent and had been going through a tough time after divorce. It was in 2018 that the actress divorced the telly star, Sachin Shroff after 8 years of marriage. Juhi is a single mother to a six year old daughter.

Being a mother is a choice and comes with a lot of responsibilities. Juhi seems to be upright with her duties. She has been living all her life for her daughter. She has been shaping her daughter into a beautiful person who shows such sweet gestures quite often.

In an interview with ET Times TV, Juhi revealed about her struggles of letting her daughter know that her mom and dad aren’t going to be together anymore. She said, “I broke the news about my divorce or separation to her a year and a half back, I told her like a fairytale. She understood how princesses live happily ever after. She understood that it is our reality. She knows that she has a single parent and in true sense more than single parenting, we are triple parenting her as my parents stay with me and they look after her. They are available for her as much as I am all the time. She is very attached to nana, nani. I think more than anything it is important for her to know that she is loved by everyone. She is loved by me, her nana, naani, Sachin and by his father’s mother.”

The actress further added, ” Samaira knows that she can talk and meet her father anytime she wants. Sachin can meet her anytime he wants. Everything is nice and positive.” Talking about her camaraderie with her ex-husband, Sachin Shroff, she said, “Sachin and I are great friends now. So, when we all are in a happy space there is no scope of feeling that something is lacking. It’s just that there’s a situation where things are like this but what matters is we have risen above that situation to live in a happy space. It is a reality and it does not bother Samaira and me any longer.” She also gave some advice to single parents from her experience and said, ” I would like to add here as a single parent is that when your child comes up with a question don’t push it for later or don’t tell him/her that it is not their age to know. They will try to get answers to their questions from some other source. I think it is very important that you answer your child’s queries.”

Speaking about being trolled on the internet for failing as a single mother, Juhi said, “The incident we are talking about is from her 6th birthday when she was dressed up as a princess and she has seen her favourite princess characters with a certain look and makeup. Her favourite princess character is Elsa and she has seen her with that wing eyeliner and hairstyle. So, for me the most important thing was today is her birthday and she should look good and she should not be upset or cry. My aim was to keep her happy that day and so I had planned a grand party for her and at the end if she cries the entire purpose fails. I thought to myself that it’s not that my daughter is doing makeup every day and if she is doing it for a day what difference it will make. It is not going to become her routine. I just tried to make people understand that if something makes your child happy and it is harmless what’s wrong in doing it.”