‘Just Used To Sleep’: Pashmina Roshan Reveals She Suffered From Depression

Pashmina Roshan
Pashmina Roshan

Pashmina Roshan, cousin of Hrithik Roshan, is about to make her debut with the movie “Ishq Vishk Rebound,” which is set to release in a few days.

Currently, she is actively promoting the film. In a recent interview, Pashmina opened up about her personal life and revealed that she has struggled with depression.

Pashmina Roshan Has Suffered From Depression

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s cousin sister Pashmina Roshan is making headlines with her upcoming film “Ishq Vishk Rebound.”

Pashmina Roshan

Pashmina Roshan

Alongside Pashmina, Rohit Saraf will also be seen in the movie. With only a few days left for the film’s release, the cast and crew are vigorously promoting it.

In a recent interview promoting the film, Pashmina spoke about her mental health and the effort she has put into the movie. Speaking to ANI, she admitted that she struggled with depression in her early years.

She openly discussed feeling confused and uncertain about whether she could become a good actress. Pashmina has been acting since her school days but wasn’t sure if she wanted to pursue it as a career. This uncertainty led her to apply to several foreign colleges for marketing courses, but she didn’t feel confident about that either.

She said, “In the early years, I was very confused about whether I could become a good actor or not. Although I had done theatre in school, I was not sure. So, I applied to various universities in the UK for marketing.

She Expressed: I got my visa, rooms were booked, and there were summer holidays too. I was very sad. All my friends used to go to parties and do everything. I just used to sleep in the afternoon.”

The “Ishq Vishk Rebound” actress also mentioned that she lacked confidence during that time. To discover her talent, she did a photoshoot and showed it to her family. Her family advised her that everyone has some talent, but it needs to be honed.

She said, “I wasn’t artistically satisfied in marketing, and I didn’t think I was good enough for it. Since then, I did a photo shoot to see what was inside me. I showed it to my father and my uncle.

Actress Said: They said that yes, everyone has something, but you have to refine it. From that time, I consistently took acting and dance classes. I learned Bharatanatyam and other dance forms. I started auditioning continuously.”

Inspired by her family’s words, Pashmina took acting and dance training and went for multiple auditions. Although she faced rejection initially, her hard work eventually paid off, leading to her role in this film. “Ishq Vishk Rebound” is scheduled for release on June 21.

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