Justin Bieber Is Wowed By A Haryanvi Artist At A Jagrata – Details Inside

When Justin Bieber tweeted a video of a Haryanvi guy playing the drums during a “jagrata,” his Indian fans were in awe. Recently, Justin Bieber has received a lot of media attention. After taking a brief hiatus owing to a medical issue, the Baby singer has resumed his Justice World Tour. Justin disclosed that the left side of his face was disabled for the uninitiated.

The Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, as it is known, severely injured Bieber’s right ear nerve and prevented him from moving the rest of the right side of his face. He even admitted that he was unable to flick his eyelid or even laugh from the side that was affected.


Justin Bieber’s tour has resumed after a one-month hiatus. The Peaches singer posted a video of an Indian drummer playing at a religious event in the midst of this. The Haryanvi man can be seen in the video jumping up and down to the beat while he plays the drums. The vocalist was drawn in by the man’s distinctive fashion sense.


“I am anticipating you to do this gig,” Justin Bieber stated as he tagged his drummer friend Devon Taylor in the Instagram story post where he posted the video. Several people claimed that JB was aware of the film in the video’s comments section. His sharing the video also stunned a few more people.


Justin has scheduled a show for his Indian fans in addition to the Justice World Tour. In October of this year, he will perform in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. The passes are already available for sale on booking websites and are quickly selling out.

The announcement that he would resume the tour after just a month brought joy to a lot of people, especially his spouse Hailey Bieber. She encouraged Justin Bieber and applauded him during his performance on July 31 at the Lucca Summer Festival in Italy.

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