K-Billboard In Heat With BTS Army for Their Remark Of “Searching Next BTS”

After the news of military enlistment recently K-Billboard Awards announced that it is their mission “to find the next BTS”. The question of the next BTS somehow comes up whenever they measure the success of BTS. They, themselves, are hoarded with the question tons of times. The topic gained momentum when K-Billboard announced it as their mission to find a group worthy enough to be the Next BTS.

Their statement infuriated ARMY and they backlashed at K-Billboard for making such an announcement. It not only insults BTS but also other band groups who are working hard to make their own identity.

ARMYs have been sharing an old clip of Suga wherein he said, “To be honest, I don’t think there is anything such as next BTS or the next someone. When we first started doing music, we all had this dream of becoming the ‘ next someone ‘ as well. In the end, we didn’t become the next someone. We became BTS. I don’t believe anyone will become the ‘next BTS’. I believe there will be more awesome k-pop stars in the future.”

This piece of the clip is enough to slam down the so-called search for the next BTS. Many fans have been circulating this video all over the internet. One wrote, ” Making a new award show to find the next BTS when BTS in question is alive and kicking is a show of shamelessness and acknowledgement that they don’t have any power over BTS.” Other fans were furious by this statement from K-Billboard and said it was an insult to other k-pop stars as well.

Recently BTS is been busy with their solo commitments before they complete the procedure for military service. Jin is in Argentina for his concert with Coldplay, RM and Jimin are hinting to drop their singles soon enough. Jungkook is attending the events at FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Fans all around the world are showing their appreciation for their commitment before they will all go into military service.


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