Kailash Kher has managed to make his name among the leading singer in India. His songs like Teri Deewani have moved people and won him a lot of accolades. However, getting successful in the industry didn’t come in easy for him. He had to go through many rejections in his earlier days and some days it was so gloomy for him and the rejection would take a complete toll on him.

While speaking to Times Of India, Kailash Kher said that there came a point in his life, after several rejections that he had suicidal thoughts. He said, “When I came to Mumbai, I faced a lot of rejections. I was so dejected in life that I even tried to kill myself.” However, he revealed that the turning point came when he realized he had nothing left to lose, and that is what inspired him to go on. He also said that a person who became successful and rose up despite several failures and defeats, cannot be broken easily.

“I had lost everything and had nothing else to lose and that is what inspired me.” Revealing the mantra he follows, Kher added, “Jo toot kar bana, jise maut ne jana, wo aur kya toote, wo aur kya mare,” said Kailash Kher.

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