Kajal Aggarwal Inappropriately Touched At Hyderabad Event, Actor Expresses Discomfort

Actor Kajal Aggarwal, accompanied by her father Vinay, attended the inauguration of a store in Hyderabad. However, her visit took an unpleasant turn as revealed in circulating videos on various platforms. Aggarwal appeared visibly distressed when a man, while attempting to take a selfie, behaved inappropriately by touching her.

What happened

At a recent event in Hyderabad, actor Kajal Aggarwal, accompanied by her father Vinay, attended the launch of a new store. However, what was meant to be a celebratory occasion turned sour when Kajal encountered an unpleasant incident, as captured in circulating videos on various social media platforms. In these videos, Kajal is visibly distressed as a man, who approached her to take a selfie, crossed boundaries by inappropriately touching her.

During the store’s launch event, Kajal graciously entertained a man’s request to take a selfie together. However, the situation took an uncomfortable turn when the man, while posing for the picture, placed his hand on Kajal’s waist without her consent. This unwelcome gesture left Kajal visibly appalled, prompting her to gesture for the man to back away. The incident was captured in videos shared by fans on social media, particularly on platform X, where viewers condemned the man’s inappropriate behaviour.

Despite the unsettling encounter, Kajal remained composed and professional, continuing to participate in the event and engaging with attendees by answering their questions. However, the incident serves as a reminder of the challenges and discomfort that female celebrities often face in public spaces, where their boundaries are frequently disregarded.

Unfortunately, Kajal Aggarwal’s experience is not an isolated incident. Similar instances of inappropriate behaviour towards female actors have been reported in the past year, including cases involving Sara Ali Khan, Aparna Balamurali, and Aahana Kumar. These incidents highlight the pervasive nature of harassment and the urgent need for greater awareness and respect for personal boundaries, particularly in public settings.