Kajal Aggarwal Posts A No-Makeup Pic, Inspires Everyone With The Caption

The makeup industry is booming right now and people are more than interested to invent new make-up products that could hide the inhibitions and insecurities of women under layers of coatings. The glamor world sees the largest use of make-up products and every now and then, Bollywood actresses love to show their fans their real face without any make-up to let the people know about their imperfections and shed off the insecurities of not having the face and skin like the actresses.

Although majority of the actresses get slammed by trollers for their no make-up face, actress Kajal Aggarwal has been garnering praises for her no make-up look. She recently took to her Instagram feed to post a picture of herself without any make-up on. Her powerful caption is what won everybody’s hearts. Read the caption,

“People can’t discover themselves anymore. Perhaps because we live in a world crazed by physical attraction or because social media has swallowed up our self esteem in whom and what it glorifies. Billions of rupees are spent on cosmetics and beauty products that promise you the perfect body.

Narcissism seems to exist everywhere. Between those lines, we try to join the crowd or feel left out. Yet the only way we can truly be happy is when we start accepting who we are rather than defining or carving a different image for ourselves. Although makeup beautifies our outer persona, does it build our character and define who we are? True beauty lies, in accepting ourselves for how lovely we are.”

She shared another picture without any make-up on with the caption, “And it took courage and supreme shedding of inhibitions (and an entire layer of makeup) to finally put this picture up. #bareface #sansmakeup #therealme #nofilterneeded #skinbeneaththepolish #freckles”