Kajol Excuses Pay Gap By Saying ‘An Actress Can’t Make 500 Crore Like A Salman Khan Film’

Bollywood actress Kajol is currently busy promoting her upcoming film Helicopter Eela. The movie revolves around a single mother and an aspiring singer and her relationship with her son. The film stars Riddhi Sen, who will be playing Kajol’s son. Riddhi Sen is a National Award-winning actor. The movie is based on a Gujarati play titled ‘Beta, Kaagdo‘ by Anand Gandhi.

In a media interaction to promote Helicopter Eela here on Thursday, addressed the contentious issue of pay disparity in the film industry. On the issue, Kajol said: “”I think that issue has to do with box office collections to a big extent and there is gender issue for sure, but if you see, not a single actress film can do Rs 500 crore business the way a Salman Khan film does at the box office. Actresses over the years have been integral part in the success of a film, but after all, it’s a business.”

Kajol said nowadays the audience has been more open to accept female-oriented films. “I am very grateful that today’s audience has changed and they are going to theatres to watch films like ‘Kahaani’ and ‘Raazi’. People are making these films because it is now financially okay to make them and it’s all happening because of audience changing perspective.

“It’s a simple logic that if you go in a grocery shop, the owner of that shop will sell those products which have larger sale and you have to take that into consideration while making a film as well. Having said that, I am not saying that there is no gender discrimination in the industry. There is definitely gender discrimination and the pay structure has to change.”

After marriage, Kajol has become choosy when it comes to her film appearances. When asked if she misses being on the sets, Kajol said, “I don’t miss it at all. I am happy working in one film in three years or one film in two years. I enjoy working, but I think work is just one part of your life. Other than that, you have your family which is really important.”

“My kids also need me a lot. We think that once your child will grow up he or she will not need you but after our marriage also, we need our parents for their support. So, I enjoy my life and I don’t think I should work just for the heck of it.”

Helicopter Eela will hit the theatres on October 12.


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