Kajol’s Reason For Not Watching Sister Tanishaa’s ‘Neal N Nikki’ Revealed

Tanishaa Mukerji is a beautiful actress who is known for having a lot of different skills. She made her acting start in 2003 with the movie Sssshhh, but it wasn’t until 2005 that she got the lead part in Neal N Nikki, a movie by Yash Raj Films, opposite Uday Chopra. Many people liked the movie, but critics had different feelings about it, and it wasn’t a big step forward in her career. To her surprise, Tanishaa recently talked about the movie’s many kissing scenes and said that her older sister Kajol still hasn’t seen it.

OMG! Kajol Didn't Watch Sister Tanishaa's "Neel N Nikki" Due To This Reason

Kajol Didn’t Watch Neel N Nikki Because Of Too Much Kissing Scenes

Tanishaa Mukerji told Siddharth Kannan how many times Neal N Nikki included kisses. She mentioned her sister Kajol won’t see the movie because of so many kissing scenes. Tanishaa noted that conservatives are still in the country and that these scenes make people nervous.

The actress said she would see the movie differently now because of how it affected young brains. At the time, she didn’t elaborate.

OMG! Kajol Didn't Watch Sister Tanishaa's "Neel N Nikki" Due To This Reason

She said kissing on television was easy because she and Uday were dating during filming. Feeling like she was kissing her boyfriend made the scenes easier. The Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge set introduced Tanishaa and Uday. Tanishaa was with Kajol and Uday was assisting his brother Aditya Chopra in making the film.

Tanishaa Mukerji Reveals That Her Mother, Tanuja, Was Filled With Fear After The Accident, Thinking She Had Lost Her

Tango Charlie actress disclosed a horrific life experience during the interview. People discovered she was in a coma following a major accident while filming her first film, Sssshhh… This mishap left her a significant head injuries, so she slept for a long time.

OMG! Kajol Didn't Watch Sister Tanishaa's "Neel N Nikki" Due To This Reason

In a Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa episode, Tanishaa provided details about the accident, offering insights into the incident. She revealed, “When I was shooting for my debut film Sssshhh… in Manali, Dino (Morea), Gaurav (Kapur), myself, and our director (Pavan S. Kaul) were travelling in a car. In Manali, the back tire skidded, and the car toppled. Everyone else got fractures on their hands, but I fell outside the car and rolled underneath it. I had a concussion.”

She has no memory of the accident; it has vanished from her life. Tanuja, her mother, was initially afraid she had lost her.

Tanishaa’s physicians advised her not to work after the accident. Sssshhh…’s producers requested she finish the film to avoid shelving. Tanishaa resolved her pain and brain swelling over a year. Eventually, she finished the film.