Kajol’s Witty Reply To If She Would Have Married SRK Or Not

Kajol had an “ask me anything” session on Instagram with her fans. During this session one of the fans asked her “Would you marry SRK if you didn’t meet Ajay?” to which she had a witty reply. Kajol said, “Isn’t the man supposed to be proposing?” Kajol was also asked whether she found Shah Rukh or Ajay to be the better co-star. She replied diplomatically, “Depends on the situation.” When asked about her bond with Shah Rukh, Kajol said that they were “friends for life”, Described him as “iconic”.

Kajol asked fans to ask her anything. Shah Rukh Khan was the star of this show

She was also asked about her husband during the interaction. One fan wanted to know if Ajay gets jealous when she showers more love on their children, Nysa and Yug. “Sometimes, but so does he,” she responded.

Kajol Bares All in an Ask Me Anything Session - Varnam MY

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are some of the most iconic pairings of the silver screen. From Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, the two have never failed to create magic on screen. Even there were rumors that Ajay Devgan had asked Kajol not to work with SRK. For which neither Kajol nor Ajay Devgan has ever commented. But when SRK was asked about it he said “I wouldn’t really know if Ajay has put any condition. If Kajol doesn’t work with me because Ajay does not want her to, I will respect it.” He had further added, “But I don’t really think this has happened. It’s quite strange. If Gauri was an actress, I wouldn’t.”

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Kajol also revealed about the first meeting with SRK and she said “I remember Shah Rukh and other actors had a huge hangover when they came on the sets and I was jabbering away in Marathi to his make-up guy. They were like ‘what is that voice. It is going to split open our heads’. He was very grumpy but I kept chatting and finally, he said, ‘Will you please shut up… chup ho jao’. I think that’s how we became friends.”

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