Kalyug Actress Ssmilly Suri Alleges Pooja Bhatt Of Asking Mahesh Bhatt ‘Not To Offer’ Her Films

It is been a while since Ssmilly Suri appeared on the big screen. Recently, the actor opened up to Siddharth Kannan about why she had not been in any films. She revealed that her uncle, Mahesh Bhatt, did not offer her any movies after Kalyug (2005) because of her cousin, Pooja Bhatt. Suri added that Pooja dropped her from her first movie, Holiday.

Similarly recalls not getting work

Similarly recalled the tough phase in her life. She revealed that Pooja Bhatt dropped her from the first film, ‘Holiday’. However, she was happy that she got dropped as she got to do Kalyug, which was a hit.

Adding more Ssmilly disclosed, “I was going through a lot of shame and depression as she used to write a lot about me in Mid-Day. When I came back from the sets of holidays, I locked myself in a room. At that time, Bhatt sahab (Mahesh Bhatt) told me that I would be doing Kalyug. I feel after Kalyug, Bhatt sahab couldn’t offer me any films because he had to listen to his daughter, and I don’t blame him.” (Read More: Pooja Bhatt Open Up About Her Failed Marriage! Dedicated Alia’s Success to this Single Trait. READ!)

‘Traumatic time’

Similarly blames Pooja Bhatt for her situation. She confessed that she gave her time and effort to the film (Holiday) for six months. She claims that period of life was a ‘traumatic time’.

She further said, “That was her call. I made that project. I worked with choreographer Sandeep Soparkar. We did rehearsals. Dropping me was her decision, but I will say that I learned a lot while working on that film (Holiday) for six months. She knows her reasons. A lot happened, and it was a traumatic time, so I don’t want to talk about it.”

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