Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter to call US President out for being a “Meek little pet of China’. Her controversial tweets are sure to grab a lot of attention, left, right and center. She has never shied away from weighing in on national and international events and she continues to speak her mind.

Sharing a video of Joe Biden’s comments during a CNN town hall event on Tuesday night, where he opened up about his conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, she reacted to it in a true Kangana Ranaut fashion as she tweeted, “Look at this tail wagging, submissive, meek little pet of China, is he president of United States or a China ambassador? Shame on you American today China is world’s biggest power because you gave it that top spot it was lusting for on a platter.”

She further continued the thread of tweet, saying “Right now biggest threat to our nation are these confused, disoriented, foggy youth who claim to be librus. When a nation compromises on its value system/Dharma it becomes easy to buy, manipulate and capture by big dominating forces around. Its a long on but that’s the tweet.”

Kangana believes that, “A leader should be a ferocious, roaring, raging voice. Especially for a civilisation like India who didn’t get a good deal in its history. It’s important we learn from what happened in America, a generation of confused, foggy disoriented youth sold their nation to China.”

“It might seem I am interested in American politics no I am not, we have a very strong leadership here it does not affect us, what I find amusing is liberals all across the world love weak, meek, submissive easy to dominate type leaders. Why they like Pappus is beyond me.” She added in the thread.

On the professional front, Kangana will next be seen in Thalaivi, a biopic on late politician J Jayalalithaa. She also has Dhaakad, and Tejas in the lineup.

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