Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh seem to be always feuding now. Kangana recently made explosive claims that she challenged Diljit to say that he was not a ‘Khalistani’, however, he didn’t say that. In a recent interview, Diljit was seen calling Kangana out for her ‘drama’. This is surely not the first or the last time that they have a quarrel going on.

On being asked about one of her tweets in which she asked Diljit since when he was planning the ‘Riri’ music video, Kangana said, “The meaning is very clear that the planning was on since September 2020 that there will be an attack on 26 January and a tweet will be done by this porn singer. If everyone wants a piece of their own, that’s what China’s strategy is that we again get booked for a 1000 year of slavery.”

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She said, “I openly challenged him to say just once that you are not a Khalistani, he didn’t say it. Youth have been misled, they have been presented with a dream about Khalistan.”

Reacting to her allegations, Dosanjh tweeted, “Desh Ch Sab Ton Wadh Agg Laun Da Kam Eh Eh So Called MASTAR-MASTARNI Hee karde aa .. I KNOW GAND DA JAWAB DENA THEEK NI.. PAR EH SER HEE CHADI JANDE AA.. Har Gal Da Chup ni Hunda.. KAL NU EH KISEY NU KUSH V BANA DEYA KARAN GE.. PUNJABI JEONDE AA HALEY…BUGGEY”, which basically translates to “”These Masters are the ones setting the country on fire. I know it is not right to react to filth. But they keep getting on my nerves. Everything cannot be treated with silence. Tomorrow they will make anyone, anything. ”

He also further tweeted:

Sharing a message for the youth, Kangana said, “We should bring youth to do something constructive and not become a burden on nation.”  Talking of the ban on Twitter, just like TikTok, she had some chice words, “We have to clean this country of communist dirt.”

She further said, “I have only lost amid all this. My house was broken, it’s still broken, I suffered losses of up to 10-15 crore. So many cases have been filed against me, at least 6-7 lawyers are handling those cases. Many criminal cases have been filed against me, besides that of sedition. Javed Akhtar is sending me summons every now and then from the film industry. Congress leaders ganged up against me and said that I couldn’t shoot in Madhya Pradesh. You can even find a video. I m not even a leader, I have nothing. Their official handles troll me all day.”

Kangana also claims to stand strong, as she says,  “Still I haven’t lost courage, I have not tried to do anything for myself, whatever I am doing is for my nation, whatever I am saying is for this country. I get a lot of encouragement and respect from this country and that is what fuels me.”

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