Kangana Ranaut Roots For Ankita Lokhande To Win Bigg Boss 17, Slams Media Intrusion

In a show of support, Kangana Ranaut is backing her Manikarnika co-star Ankita Lokhande to emerge victorious in Bigg Boss 17. Kangana expressed her support on Instagram Stories, specifically addressing Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law. She asserted that the media is attempting to construct a misleading narrative to destabilize the family, emphasizing her desire for Ankita to win the competition.

What Kangana said

Kangana Ranaut shared a video snippet featuring Vicky Jain’s mother expressing why Ankita deserves to win in Bigg Boss. In the caption, Kangana pointed out that the media is actively trying to destabilize the family. She highlighted how Ankita’s mother-in-law supports her, appreciating the endearing chuckle in the video.

Kangana stressed the importance of family, stating that while reality shows may come and go, family remains eternal. Expressing her hope for Ankita’s victory, Kangana added a caveat, emphasizing that it shouldn’t come at the expense of her marriage.

Ankita and Vicky’s fight inside the Bigg Boss house

Since the beginning of the show, Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande have been engaged in conflicts, even discussing the topic of divorce during their interactions, surprising many viewers. In a recent episode, both Ankita and Vicky’s parents visited the house and engaged in conversations with them.

During a private discussion between Ankita and Vicky’s mother, an argument ensued. Vicky’s mother mentioned an incident where Ankita had kicked Vicky, stating, “The day you kicked Vicky, your father-in-law had called your mother and asked, ‘Have you also kicked your husband like that?'” Ankita, visibly upset, expressed that there was no need to involve her mother in this conversation.

In a recent episode, Ankita Lokhande expressed her anger towards Vicky Jain due to his proximity to Bigg Boss contestant Mannara Chopra. Inside the house, she confronted Vicky, stating, “Suddenly Mannara is in your life… You like her a lot… You enjoy talking to her. Please carry on.”

Vicky responded, asking for logic and reasoning behind her objection. In a prior episode, there was a moment where Vicky appeared irritated and attempted to raise his hand on Ankita as if to slap her, leaving her visibly shocked for a moment.

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