Kangana Ranaut Shares How Family Reacted On Her Buying 48 Crores Bungalow, ‘Felt I’m Wasting My Money’

Kangana Ranaut is known to be one of the most talented actresses and is the undisputed queen of Bollywood. She has won several awards and hearts with her acting. Now, she has bought a new bungalow that is worth 48 crores. In a recent interview, she has shared how everyone around her reacted when she decided to buy this property.

Kangana Ranaut 48 crores bungalow office

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana revealed that it was a risk of its own to having such a huge property. The actress shared that she was reminded by her family and close associates before investing a huge amount in this property. “Everyone told me you could have worked anywhere else. Why don’t you just rent an apartment instead? I told them I can’t go to those glass chambers where there’s no life. I need organic fabric, plants around me.” As the actress wanted to have an office space according to her preferences, she shared how her family reacted. Laughing out loud, she revealed, “My family was like: yeh itni sari demands leke direction mein struggle karne ja rahi hai. My sister is like, she’s a diva, tum struggling director ho,” she said.

Kangana also shared how her CA advised her at every interval about the large investment she was doing. The actress then continued, “So there was a group of people from my parents to my CA and my sister who were after my life.” Ranaut then revealed how she finally took the big step and said, “So going against the family never really stops. And I was like, ‘Can I just do what I want to do?’ They felt I’m wasting my money. It was a challenge and I still feel that going forward, I will figure it if it was a good investment or not.”

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Kagana Rananut Bungalow

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