Kangana Ranaut’s Ex, Adhyayan Suman Abstain From Speaking On Her Drug Use From A Throwback Interview

Since the time, drug point has risen in Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise test, an out and out new and a somewhat grave discussion has begun, drove by entertainer, Kangana Ranaut. Kangana has been vocal about what she puts stock in since the start. She had additionally transparently shouted out about Bollywood’s supposed medication nexus. She had claimed that 99% of the business takes part in drugs. Various Bollywood VIPs have challenged her case.

In a somewhat startling turn, reports are pouring in that Mumbai Police may begin a test into Kangana’s supposed medication joins. Maharashtra Home Minister, Anil Deshmukh said that the Mumbai Police will begin the test based on a 2016 meeting of Adhyayan Suman, in which he had guaranteed that Kangana had requested that he grunt cocaine at her birthday slam in 2008. FYI, the two entertainers were seeing someone 2008-2009. Look down to comprehend what Adhyayan Suman needs to state pretty much this!

In a progression of tweets, Adhyayan Suman mentioned the media and individuals to not drag him in the discussion, as he has deserted his past. He said he would not remark further on the issue as he might have been ‘criticized for standing up’ in 2016. He tweeted, “My name has sprung up relating to an interview which I had given in 2016 !!!! People stop speculating and dragging me in this toxicity ! I have not filed any case against anybody ! I don’t intend to visit that dark phase of my life ! Please please I have moved on ! Let me be!”

The subsequent tweets can be perused as “Media channels frantically call me to talk to me please don’t call me if it is in regards to this matter I said what I had to in 2016 I have nothing else to say.. I have had a huge struggle in regards to my work a dan finally I have seen a ray of hope. If u can’t support me, please do not drag my name in this!! I was ridiculed back in 2016 for speaking out by these media channels and now Iam sorry I have nothing to say ! Regards.”

Then, Kangana Ranaut said that she is eager to go through medication tests and have her call records inspected. She additionally tested that on the off chance that she is found to have any association with drug sellers, she will leave Mumbai for eternity. Her tweet stated, “I am more than happy to oblige @MumbaiPolice @AnilDeshmukhNCP please do my drug tests, investigate my call records if you find any links to drug peddlers ever I will accept my mistake and leave Mumbai forever, looking forward to meet you.”

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