Kangana Ranaut’s Mother Still Does Farming Everyday, You will Be Amazed To See Her Simplicity

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is constantly posting on social media, sometimes making controversial comments and sometimes praising someone. She usually talks and exchanges opinions about what’s going on in country, but occasionally offers fans a glimpse into her personal life. Kangana Ranaut recently shared a new photo of one of her closest friends. The man is Kangana’s mother and left a touching note next to a photo praising her mother.

Kangana Ranaut Mother still do farming

Kangana tweeted a photo of her mother working in the fields. Kangana’s mother, Asha, is a farmer. Along with the photo, Kangana said, “My mother, who farms for seven to eight hours every day. People frequently come home and say-I want to meet Kangana’s mother. She politely washed her hands, brought tea and water, and introduced herself as my mother.” People are usually shocked when they see her.

Kangana Ranaut’s mother is very simple and lives her life normally

Kangana continued, “I once said that many people come home. Why do you have to make tea and food for everyone? She said that Nahi beta Jo aapko pyaar karte hain unki seva karna to saubhagya ki baat hai.Dhanya hai Meri mata ji aur unka charitra”.Apart from this, kangana also expressed her complaints with mother.

Read her tweet;

Kangana wrote, “I have one complaint. She doesn’t want to come to the set. She don’t want to eat out. She will only eat homemade food.  don’t want to live in Mumbai also doesn’t want to foreign. If we force her, We will be scolded. Ab Mata ji Ke charno me kaise rahein.”