Kapil Sharma’s ex-co-star and rival speak about his current condition, says Kapil’s current…

By now, almost everyone is well aware of the mess Kapil Sharma has created with his Tweets. Not only Twitter, his conversation with journalist Vickey Lalwani is going viral all over the internet and everyone has been wondering as to what has happened to the comedian. Recently we shared with you how Shilpa Shinde is standing in support of Kapil Sharma. She posted two notes sharing that Kapil is passing through a tough phase and we all must let him be.

Now Kapil’s co-star, Upasana Singh has also spoken about Kapil’s recent behavior. Upasana, who is well-known for playing Kapil’s bua on his show said that Kapil got hurt because he was called a zero actor by the journalist.

She said, “I had never seen Kapil behaving like this. I am shocked. I couldn’t believe my ears. I heard it thrice to believe it. Itna woh ganda kaise ho gaya, woh conversation itni gandi kaise ho gayi, mujhe bilkul samajh hi nahin aaya.”

“Kisike beti ke liye, kisike behen ke liye bilkul nahin bolna chahiye. Ladaai hoti hai iska yeh matlab nahin hai that we start talking like this. What he said about your daughter was simply another level.”

She also added, “But I think Kapil is not in the best of condition physically.”

Comedian Krushna Abhishek, who is considered one big rival of Kapil Sharma also spoke in support of Kapil in this tough time. In a recent interview, he said, “His film didn’t work, he’s lost a lot of money plus his show Family Time with Kapil didn’t work. I never took his side before but I’m feeling bad for him now with the way everyone is pouncing on him. People should just forgive him and let him be.” He also said that it was unfair on the part of the journalist to harassed him, knowing that he was suffering from depression.

Well, there is something not right about Kapil’s current condition. we are hoping that he gets well soon and comes back to clear the air on the entire thing. Stay tuned.


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