Karan Johar Refuses To Abandon Hindi Cinema Forever; ‘Don’t Need To Make English Films To…’

Karan Johar, a well-known director with global aspirations, is determined to keep India as the focal point of his movies. Recently, Johar expressed his desire to walk down the Oscars red carpet with Variety. However, he has a unique vision: he aims to represent Hindi cinema on that prestigious platform. “It took a couple of trips to Los Angeles to realize that it is all wonderful and you have a lot of meetings, but my heart is in my country and my cinema is in my heart,” Johar says, ensuring that his words resound with a sense of cultural fidelity. That, I refuse to abandon. Without the language that has nurtured me, I do not wish to create films.

Johar recently received the Variety Vanguard Award at the Red Sea Film Festival. However, he stated, “I don’t need to make an English film to win Variety Vanguard Award. It would be amazing to walk the Academy Awards red carpet, but I would like for it to be with a Hindi-language film,”.

Karan also revealed that he hopes to meet Meryl Streep once in his life. “It’s the only item on my bucket list. If I could have an hour with her, I could die and go to heaven. Her ability to be relevant in any decade is so admirable. The thing about relevance is that you have to evolve with the times, and there are a few artists who understand that more than others and I think she’s one of them,” he added.

There is a common misconception about Indian cinema that it only consists of “song and dance” movies. However, this stereotype has hindered the growth of Indian cinema for a long time. While we take pride in our musical films, there are several other captivating stories told in different languages and regions in India that require more recognition. Fortunately, thanks to streaming services, these stories are now accessible to everyone. Johar, in a conversation, made an insightful observation and urged the rest of the world to pay attention to Indian storytelling.

“Koffee With Karan” is presently airing its eighth season, and the director is recognized for his hit films like “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani” and others. Seasons past have seen guest appearances by A-listers such as Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Bobby and Sunny Deol, and many more.

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Karan Johar’s dedication to showcasing varied Indian storytelling on a worldwide scale is a reflection of the changing face of Indian film and not only his personal objective. As he keeps making headlines across the world, people can’t wait for the day he walks the red carpet at the Oscars, representing the culture and language that have influenced his career in film with pride.

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