Karan Mehra’s Son, Kavish Gets His First Haircut Before His 2ND Birthday, Pictures Inside

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Karan Mehra has proven his mettle as an actor and now he is spending some quality time with his family to equally contribute to the upbringing of his child. For those who don’t know, Karan is married to Nisha Rawal and they have a son named Kavish. Kavish is about to turn two and the doting parents are prepping for his birthday. They took Kavish to get his first haircut. Sharing a series of pictures, they have captioned it as, “My First Hair-Cut because Mama-Papa says technically the earlier one was not a cut but a sweep! #KavishMehraDiaries #2daystoturning2yearsold.” Check out the pictures below:

Karan Mehra has once admitted in an interview with Pinkvilla that life has completely changed after Kavish’s birth. He said, “It’s different actually. The feeling of knowing that the baby is inside was different and now that it is out, the feeling is even more different. Like now that we are feeding him, cleaning him and all, we are getting to experience a lot. You know in case I go out and suddenly I am like, oh we have a baby at home. The feeling hasn’t sunk in yet.”

He had further added, “Actually he did not come directly into my hands. I saw him coming out and he was cleaned and then when he came into my hands I was like, Woah, that’s my baby; he’s finally into my hands. Now I feel Kavish looks more like both of us. He looks more like me when I was young but now Nisha says that he resembles her. His hands, his ears, his toes are just like me. But honestly, at two weeks old, at that kind of phase, all the babies look the same to me.”

In the same interview, they have shared the hidden meaning of their son’s name. He said, “It’s a derivation of our names. We were trying to amalgamate it for a long time. But we were forced into this situation one day when we were asked a name by the hospital and we had to give a name immediately for the birth certificate. So we decided upon this soon. Well, Kavish means king of poets and it also is another name of Lord Ganesh. We also perceived it in the way of a ‘wish’, like Karan and Nisha Ka wish is ‘Kavish’. I loved all these meanings and immediately decided upon this.”

He had further added, “The bond has strengthened intensely. Kavish is like our product and now we have a joint responsibility towards our baby. He is our priority now more than anything else. The other day we were laughing how our talks have changed. Earlier we used to talk about so many things but now its majorly about our baby. Earlier, it was like I love you the most, but now the line is shifting to I love you more but I love Kavish the most.”

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