Karan-Nisha Assault Case: Rohit Verma Steps Back From Siding With Nisha Rawal, Says “He Has Stopped Talking To Her”

The last year has been really difficult for the TV actor Karan Mehra. After being allegedly accused of assaulting his now ex-wife Nisha Rawal, Karan was forced to leave his own house and not meet his son even for one time in this past year. Adding to this, there was no support for the actor from the industry. But seems like things are changing and the truth is slowly unfolding now.

Recently, Kashmera Shah, who was earlier supporting Nisha has changed her stance. She now feels that Karan is innocent in this entire case. Now, another supporter of Nisha, fashion designer Rohit Verma has stepped back from sympathizing with her. In his recent interview, Rohit opened up about what went wrong between him and Nisha. He also indirectly stated that him taking Nisha’s side during her fight with Karan was quite an impulsive reaction.

Let us tell you Rohit was someone who gave Nisha her first break in the industry. Though he was close to both Karan and Nisha, last year when things turned sour between the couple, he sided with Nisha. In his interaction with Sidharth Kannan, Verma was asked to comment on Nisha’s relationship with her Rakhi brother Rohit Sathia, to which he replied, “I don’t want to talk openly about it because it is my family matter. For me, my friend’s (Nisha’s) integrity matters too. I have the same amount of love I have for Karan that I always had, although he has filed a defamation case against me. I am fighting. But at that time, the kind of situation that was, when you see a girl bleeding from the head, you won’t see left and right.

I was not a part of that fight. When I reached there, their building friends had already called the police. I was silently standing and saw Nisha’s bleeding head. While Nisha was leaving, she told Karan to say sorry and finish it off. But the situation that night was so bad that everyone lost their mental balance. I just stood with my friend. Nisha is an adult person and she knows what’s right and wrong for her. Everyone takes their own decisions. We just stand by our friends. But that doesn’t mean that we are involved in their controversy, which as a matter of fact, is still going on. Both of them are very important to me. If I had a magic wand, I would want both of them to patch up. Not because I want to unite my family.”

When further inquired about why he and Nisha unfollowed each other, Rohit revealed that Nisha gifted him a wreath on his birthday and he found it very disrespectful of her to send him that, considering that he was like a father figure to her. He further stated that he is not on talking terms with Nisha.